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“Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?”

Before I go to work, I need to tell you lot something. I participated in a contest and found out today that I'm one of the two lucky winners :) It certainly made my day!
The prize? A wonderful painting/drawing done by this amazing artist, Lowa.
Visit her blog and admire all her amazing drawings and paintings :)
Oh, I can't wait to get my painting/drawing. I'll hang it up on my wall with great pride, above my "photo-desk" or makeup table :)

Innan jag drar ner till jobbet måste jag bara berätta en sak. Jag deltog i en tävlingen i förrgår och fick reda nu på eftermiddagen att jag är en av två vinnare :) Det gjorde verkligen min dag!
Priset? En helt underbar tavla gjord av den här fantastiska konstnären, Lowa.
Besök gärna hennes blogg och njut av alla vackra teckningar och målningar :)
Oh, längtar verkligen efter att få min tavla. Den ska jag hänga upp på väggen med stolthet, över mitt "foto-skrivbord" eller sminkbord :)


"We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young"

I ordered a new macro lens to my Nikon D3000 yesterday... and while I was at it I "threw in" a mini Mp3-player into the "shopping cart" as well, couldn't help myself!
This new Mp3 doesn't have a display or any of the million functions my ZEN's got, but it's really "mini" and very elegant. I ordered one in black and as soon as I get it delivered I'm going to fill it with all my favourite music!
Unlike my ZEN, which contains approximately 22.000 tracks, 250 movies, 100 music videos, 2.000 photos + calender, notes, lists (most played tracks, favourite genres etc), slideshows and much more, this new little sweetie has only room for 200 tracks, tops!

I need to limit myself to a few tracks, because if I had room for 100.000 songs then I would most definitely fill that space... and then struggle with the problem of searching (and going a little bit mental as well) for the song that I'm in the mood for... for hours!
That's why I wanted this one, because in this way I can gather all the top-music in one device and limit myself to only a "few" tracks instead of making long lists on the ZEN!
Reckon it will include a lot of soul and british indie-rock, a lot of tracks by Adele, Pixie Lott and One Night Only :)
My kind of music!

I wanted Samsungs new Mp3 Tic Toc but they don't sell here in Sweden. I did find some Swedish sites on the internet, but on all these sites the Tic Toc was sold out! Funny.
Tried to order one from Amazon.com... but that didn't work, either! Apparently Amazon doesn't know where Sweden, or Slovenia are located, and can't ship my Tic Toc to these "fantasy countries".... ok....
Amazon, you really need to find out where your issues really lie and resolve them!

And speaking of good music. Some hefty tunes is what you'll hear if you press play :) Go ahead, make your day! :)

Pumped Up Kicks (cover) - Jayme Dee

Marry You (remix) - Bruno Mars

En extra rolig grej den här morgonen var att jag fick syn på att jag blev veckans blogg... två gånger :) Bra start på fredagen eller vad??? :D Tack så jättemycket http://susannefors.blogg.se och http://fashionstars.blogg.se

We <3 It, bästa sidan på internet... tillsammans med Youtube och Tumblr ;)

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