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on the elevator...

Haha, this list is priceless, and too good to not be shared with you all ;) I would dare someone to do at least one of the things on this list :D But who and what???

I would probably go with nr. 5, if I had to do choose one thing... What would you do??
Would you have enough courage to do them all?? ;)

Annoying things to do on an elevator:

1) Stand silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.

2) Greet everyone with a warm handshake and ask him/her to call you admiral.

3) MEOW occasionally.

4) Stare at another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: "You´re one of them" - and then back away slowly.

5) Say "DING" at each floor.

6) Make explosion noises when someone presses a button.

7) Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and then announce to a person: "This is my personal space!".

8) When there´s only one other person in the elevator tap him/her on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn´t you.

9) Drop a pen and wait until someone reaches to help you pick it up, and then scream: "That´s mine!".

10) Call out "GROUP HUG" and then enforce it.

"please don´t leave quite yet"

Found this awesome artist and tune yesterday.
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to, it brings tears to my eyes, and it hits me every time. Every single time. I can't tell you how many times I've replayed this song since I first heard it yesterday.
I can't even explain how it effects me but it does. In the most amazing way. 
You can definitely tell that he put his heart and soul into this song :)

It doesn´t get any better than this! :)

Adam Agin - Please don´t leave quite yet

"your life is your message to the world, make sure it´s inspiring"

Det var så längesedan jag skrev på svenska här på bloggen så jag tyckte det vore dags igen. Kommer fortsätta skriva på engelska, eftersom jag vill att alla förstår och slipper använda sig av Google translate! Men lite då och då när jag känner för det kommer jag att slänga in ett eller två inlägg på svenska :)
Deal? Skulle kunna skriva lite på slovenska också, men det är tydligen inte tillåtet... även om jag sett andra skriva på ett tredje språk! Hur är det med det egentligen??

Igår tog Danni och jag en fika på shoppingstället CityPark och pratade igenom hela Lucia-grejen. Kan inte fatta att det bara är två veckor kvar till uppträdandet, det känns absolut inte så. Och med tanke på att vissa träd fortfarande har gröna blad så är det väl inte så konstigt att jag har noll julkänsla.

Idag spenderade jag några timmar mitt i centrum med min kära vän Petra. Vi startade med pizza (jag tog en med pinjenötter och soltorkade tomater, verkligen att rekommendera... mamma?? ;) på Parma och fortsatte sedan till en av mina favorit caféer intill parlamentetet. Hade en underbar utsikt över en närliggande skyskrapa från min plats.
Som vanligt när jag träffar Petra är det inte tyst en enda sekund. Man skulle tro att vi redan berättat allt för varandra men varenda gång hittar vi något nytt samtalsämne som vi kan diskutera fram och tillbaka om i timmar. Det är givetvis ett "ämne" som är speciellt intressant, och det är givetvis hemligt! 
När vi väl sätter igång ligger vi nästan på golvet och krälar av skratt ;)

Imorgon tänds julbelysningen över Ljubljana, eller i alla fall i gamla stan. Ser verkligen fram emot det så att man äntligen får in lite julkänsla i systemet. För nu har jag alltså noll julkänsla! Det kommer senare och senare med åren har jag märkt!
Vi har pyntat i lägenheten, vi lyssnar på julmusik lite på morgonkvisten och när vi kommer hem på kvällen, de första julklapparna är redan köpta och inslagna. Så var är julkänslan egentligen?? Inte en aning!
Nähä, bäst att avsluta det här inlägget, känner på mig att en schizofren monolog är på gång, och bloggen är inget bra ställe för en sådan ;)

Hoppas ni har haft en bra dag? :)

Mysfaktorn (och sockerkurvan!) är i topp som ni ser! Jag ber om ursäkt för alla matbilder den senaste tiden, men jag antar att det blir så när julen närmar sig med stormsteg ;)

"our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time"

A quote from one of my favourite authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yes, I have all her books and yes, I´ve seen all the episodes of "The Little House on the Prairie", several times! I was absolutely addicted to these books and the tv- series when I was 10 - 12 years :)

Btw, let´s start a new week again. Mondays are "my" days :) It´s the only day in the week when I don´t make any plans, don´t do any work, don´t meet any friends etc. There are exceptions, of course!

Instead I do relaxing things, I try to have no must-do´s and simply go with the flow, this way I gather enough energy to manage the coming week and the obstacles ahead of me, I also make plans and to-do-lists, go grocery shopping, organize my things, clean the apartment and so on.
After I have everything in order, both around me and in my head, I can start to seize the days of the week :)

Don´t forget to make the best of the present moment! ;)

"Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves"

"it is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air”

  - När första ljuset brinner står julens dörr på glänt och alla är så glada att fira få advent.

People! We have sunlight! :) I went for a walk in our neighbourhood after breakfast, and it felt so good to feel the sun on my face.  Oh, how I love the sunshine, the warmth on my face...and the squinting as I can't find my sunglasses ;)

When I got home my sister and I ordered some take-out (mexican this time :), cuddled up on the couch and watched Home Alone II (we watch all HA movies (but nr. 3 and 4 aren´t that good!) every year around Christmas, but then again, who doesn´t??).

Btw, it´s the first Sunday of Advent :) We are just about to have our traditional Advent evening with tea and cookies + light the first candle.
Last year we went to church, we went for a stroll in the old part of Ljubljana and made a quick stop at Ljubljana´s Christmas market (not as incredible and famous as Salzburg´s or Vienna´s... yet ;) before we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent.
This year´s plan is to stay at home and have a cosy evening :)

Hope all you guys are having a great Sunday and first of Advent? :) What a your traditions on this day??
There are a lot of you reading but not many who actually leave a comment. Don´t be shy, I don´t bite ;)

Mum, dad and Viggo: Vad hittar ni på idag? Har ni någon snö än? Har du redan tagit itu med årets första julbak, mamma?
Ha en jättemysig första advent :)

"maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension"

Oh why, hello there :) Hope all you guys are having a smashing Saturday??

Today I visited the 27th Slovenian Book Fair, which kicked off earlier this week hosted in Ljubljana´s Cankarjev dom arts centre, with a gala opening ceremony, at which several awards for achievements in publishing, printing, translation, design and literary debut were presented.

As you know I love books and to read, so this was really a treat for me :) I was going for some books about photography, interior design and of course British classic novels (the few I haven´t yet got in my collection).

I also purchased my first Christmas gift at the book fair. Anyone curious?? ;)

My favourite necklace at the moment is this one. Photographed with Nikon D3000 and my new +4 filter.
I´m never satisfied with my photos, beacuse there´s always something that bothers me and I could improve.
I guess that´s a way to learn, to challenge oneself and trying to do one´s best + a little more everytime you´re about to shoot something with your camera, and to be of the opinion that tomorrow you´re going to take even better photos than you did today!

Got to say though, I really like this one, mostly because of the shadows :)

“the time to relax is when you don't have time for it”

Swedish, tea at Chai with Petra and Tina E,  then lunch at Joe Pena (my favourite Mexican restaurant in the city). A quick stop at the aparment, and then Christmas shopping in the centre :) 

As you probably know my mission was to get some nice Christmas decoration. I decided this year´s colours should be white, red and gold. Got some cute candles, red ribbons, a glass plate, a gorgeous ceramic Santa Claus, Rafaello chocolate (beacuse it´s white and red ;), and lots of tea and cookies.

I love a nice anti-stressing stroll in the department store, especially in the section where they have interior design and decorations :)
That´s exactly where you could find me today. Just walking around and admiring all the beautiful things on the shelves... and buying some of them ;)

I´m going to take some photos of our "christmassy" apartment so I can show you guys how this year´s decorations turned out, but you´ll have to wait a litte while for that.
I hope you´re happy to go with the flow on this one :)

In the meantime I´ve got a couple of photos I snapped today on our way to Chai, for you to look at. 
Got to say, Ljubljana is pretty awesome :) 


"stop being so hard on yourself, you know it´s not good for your health"

Friday again :)
Been listening to this awesome tune, Love Love the enitre morning while getting ready. It´s "old" I know, but ever since I heard it in X-Men: First class, I´ve been crazy about it. Who doesn´t love Take That? ;)
And Rule the World from the movie Stardust (ok, this could be a coincidence... but Ben Barnes is in that as well). I was addicted to that song for so long :D I used to listen to it all the time. My neighbours enjoyed it so much they even called the cops to listen to it! I`M JOKING! :D I still think it´s one of the best tunes ever made. And Patience, Shine, Back For Good, The Flood etc, some pretty hefty vibes.

Plans for today:
1) Swedish lecture (only one today), 2) brunch somewhere in the centre of the city with a good buddy of mine, 3) meet my sister and do some Christmas/Advent-shopping, 4) decorate our apartment for Christmas and 5) make a delicious dinner and enjoy a relaxing movie night (I´m really in the mood for Easy Virtue again... ;)
So yeah, I belive it´s going to be a pretty good day today :)

Haven´t made any plans for the weekend
yet. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Last Saturday my sister and I went to CityPark (the gigantic shopping mall). We started with some various stores shopping, continued with lunch  (basically just a whole lot of shrimps, lobster, other seafood and vegetables really... and a piece of a heavenly chocolate cake), did some more shopping and finished our shopping spree with smoothies (had one with nutella, mmmm... definitely "acceptable" ;).
When we got home we made dinner; turkey and baby corn in cream sauce and bread. We concluded the day with snacks and the movie Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes and Colin Firth ;)
What?? It´s only Saturday once a week folks!

The old part of Ljubljana, and the city castle.

“trust yourself, you know more than you think you do”

Just on my way to the university now for a couple of Swedish lectures. And yes it´s foggy outside. Would be the suprise of the year if it wasn´t!
I´m super exicted for tomorrow :) I´m going to do little bit of Christmas shopping :D I know it´s early yet, but I really need to get into my Christmas spirit now!

Got a couple of photos from London and it´s all christmassy over there :) Bless these Brits
Can´t wait for the mayor of Ljubljana to turn on the Christmas lights in our city, which if I´m not mistaken, normally happens on the 1st of December.
December is the time of the year when Ljubljana turns from an ordinary European capital to a cosy town taken straigt out of a fairy tale :)

A couple of years ago I photographed Ljubljana, all lit up during first Sunday of Advent, and one of those photos was published in a newspaper in Sweden, the other ones were published online.
Yes, I felt proud to have been born in such a beautiful city :)

It´s difficult to take any interesting photos now beacause everything is so "gray". But as soon as "November turns into December" I´ll have my camera glued to me. 
I actually think it fits me perfectly because it will be totally acceptable to have my camera glued to my hand at all times taking a gazillion pictures during Christmas.
And that´s a promise that I intend to keep!
I´ll give all the Japanese tourists with their cameras, photographing every stone and bird they see a run for their money! :)

Hope all you guys have a jolly good day ahead of you? :)

"All of us question our place in the universe"

Oh gosh! Do you know how long it´s been since I last saw sunshine... or rain for that matter. It´s been more than three weeks! Yeah, I know; fantastic
This fog gets on my nerves like nothing else. And it´s safe to say that I have as much fog in my head than outside of it.
Days like these actually make me miss the long warm summer days, or sunny winter days full of snow.
I dug out this photo I took in Venice last year :) I love Venice!
I´ve been there a couple of times and there´s always something special about walking the streets of that city. I would never live in Venice, but I love to visit it at least once a year.

And speaking of amazing cities :) I watched Midnight in Paris earlier. That´s another movie I can watch over and over and over again. I love Woody Allen´s work.
I remember when we were on a flight in Paris on our way to Barcelona, and while we were taking off I looked out the window and saw the Eiffel Tower, all lit up and magnificent. Oj, and the lights all over Paris...
To see Paris at night from the sky was an unbelievable and beautiiful experience :)

And one more thing. I hate to be the one complaing but my wryneck is acting up again. No more words needed!

"Where my dreams slowly become reality"

Sushi for lunch today. It´s true what they say. It takes some time getting used to the taste but once you´ve get to that point, sushi just keeps getting better and better.
I also find it very easy to make them, and I do a roll in no time at all. Practice makes perfect :)

Been sitting almost the whole day, planning for our Sankta Lucia celebration on the 13th of December here in Ljubljana. Once all "the pieces of the puzzle are in their places" I´m certain it´ll be an awesome evening.
I get all the outfits and the crown on Friday and will then "dress" my "tärnor" (the girls who follow Santa Lucia) so I can see what exactly we can add.

I also need to visit the church choir rehearsal to hear how they sound. The members of the choir don´t all speak Swedish, so it´s tougher for them, and I assume they could need some help with the pronunciation.
Furthermore I must really make an appointment with the guitarist and the lead singer to see what Christmas songs they´ll perform, and more importantly how it sounds!
And "hunt down" the violinist, to whom I promised last year could be part of our celebration this year.
Regarding the invitations, fingerfood and the drinks... eh, we´ll come to that soon enough :)

As you can see, many things to think about but I´m not worried at all, because I know every single one of us (would be funny if I in the end screwed up the whole thing) is going to do her/his best, and that it, because of this fact, is going to be an amazing and unforgettable evening.
And I´m really making sure that this year is going be the best so far :)

I love to organize
things, to start from scratch with a dream in my head and see it slowly become reality.
I would love to be a party planner :)

Isn´t this looking nice? Yes, it is ;)

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart"

Just finished watching Easy Virtue. That one is without a doubt my favourite movie. I´ve seen it...ehhmm... ok, I lost track after the first 100 views :) It´s an "oldie" (2008) but I think I´ll never get tired of it.
Because it´s absolutely BRILLIANT.

The story, the characters, the music, I love every second of it! :) Originally the movie Easy Virtue is based on a play set in the late 1920s with the same name by Noel Coward.
Easy Virtue
encompasses sharp wit, romance and drama, and is a thoroughly enjoyable British comedy.  
The plot: a young Englishman marries a glamorous American. When he brings her home to meet the parents, she arrives like a blast from the future - blowing their entrenched British stuffiness out the window.
The cast includes some big names like Ben Barnes (now you understand why I love the movie so much, huh?? ;), Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Thomas Scott, Kris Marshall, Christian Brassington, just to name a few.
So my advice to you lot is: watch it! :)

Also done some reading today. Everytime I buy magazines and newspapers I save all the interesting aricles and interviews for when I have nothing planned for a day or an evening. Today is one of those days :)  

And today´s tune:

Work - The Saturdays

"Love is a temporary madness, In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person"

It´s getting colder and colder here in Ljubljana. The winter is upon us and there´s a constant fog over the city (which is typical this time of the year) even though there´s sunshine in all the other parts of Slovenia.

My inspiration has hit rock bottom. I mean, things are happening all the time but I don´t seem to be in the mood to write about them, beacause it really sounds so lame writing "today I have done this and this and this...". And I don´t drag my camera around the city all the time either.
Yes, I value every day I spend here and I will soon continue to drag my camera around daily into the streets of Ljubljana, always prepared to snap anything interesting I come across.

Bear with me
, my inspiration will be back :) But can you still feel inspired when there's no motivation?

"There is only one thing..."

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working”

Good morning to you all :)
Got fifteen minutes to kill before the first Swedish lecture begins and there´s no one here I can have a chat with. It´s empty, can´t believe the whole building is e-m-p-t-y! I know it´s Friday and all but... hello??
Anyhow, gives me a chance to post something on my blog and look through all of my email accounts (I´ve got way to many for my brain´s good!)

Listened to Girls Aloud the entire morning while getting ready :) As always Girls Aloud´s music takes me straight back to my time in Norwich. Walking down Halm Street, sitting in the taxi (you know the black ones they have in England, the ones which drive around in circles a couple of times before you get to your destination :) on my way home (the college campus) from a hard day´s work, a stroll to the castle on the hill or the ponds and the mills... it feels like yesterday... Norwich left such a big place in my heart <3
Choosing European Economics and doing my work experience in Norwich was one of my best decisions so far! And of course thank you, mum and dad for "pushing" me and convincing me that it would be a wonderful experience.
It certainly was! :) And one million times better than I ever thought I would be! <3

It´s a very busy day today for me, so I reckon this will be the only post :) It´s funny! When I´ve got things happening in my life I don´t have the time or the energy to write about them here on the blog. But when I have nothing interesting going on, well then I can go on about that for hours.
So... when I´m old (older) I´ll look back and read my blog (because this is kind of a diary (without all the juicy details of course!)) and realize that my life is/was so damn boring, hehe!

But at least I´ll have nice photos to look at, and you all know what they say:
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Like these pictures for example :)

Here´s a sneak peek of my autumn wardrobe.

"This is where my heart takes over"

Sorry ONO-lads, but it is Friday (don´t mind the time&date above, it´s playing tricks with me!) today and that means girl power and that means The Saturdays.  Just heard the band´s latest tune My Heart Takes Over, the remix version. Sooo freakin´ good! And I absolutely love the video :)
You don´t need to ask me what I´ll be listening to the entire weekend :)

Oh, I live for music! Life is music and music is life! When I hear an awesome tune (like this) I feel that everything is possible, that I can do and achieve anything I want, that nothing can bring me down, it pumps energy to all parts of my body, I don't even know what it means to be sad and blue ...

Amazingness from beginning to end!

"The past doesn´t matter, define yourself in the present, and you might rule in the future"

Oh my, what a day!
After a quick sushi-lunch I headed straight to the university, swedish lectures from 13.50 to 18.45.

Tomorrow I need to "place myself" at the university between 8.00 and 11.20, and afterwards "run" across the city to the "TV bulding" where I have a little assignment at 15.00 :) Anyone curious?? Yeah, so am I!
Between the lectures and the TV-assignment I´m meeting a friend who just recently got back from Sweden. 
Haven´t seen that babe for ages!

And while I´m in the old part of Ljubljana, I´ll also try to find some proper Chinese tea. Bet the teahouse "Chai" has what I´m looking for, they always do!
The first photo below is tea from Hong Kong, which I got from my dear co-worker in Sweden, when she was home in HK. Thank you so much, Ching! :)
You´ve taken my tea-drinking to a whole new level!

And from tea and Hong Kong to another thing. The preparations for St. Lucia in Ljubljana have begun and by the looks of it I´m going to be St. Lucia this year again, that´s five years in a row!
I reckon it´s the last year though, next year I´ll be handing over my golden crown with white candles to another fortunate soul ;)

Gosh, I´m really happy we in Sweden have such a great tradition like St. Lucia. For me the whole thing is magical, it´s such a big part of my childhood, so I WILL definitely be celebrating this where ever I am in the world!
Even if I end up in Japan, where they freak out if they see someone with candles on his/her head (that would be St. Lucia, don´t know if anyone else does the same thing) ;)

Oh, man! I´m so exhausted, I don´t even know what I´m writing! Tomorrow I´ll be reading this text on my blog and think: "who IS this nutcase writing all this shit??" 
Oh well, before I hit the bed I´ll watch one or two episodes of "The Borgias". Still can´t belive I watched the whole first season of "Camelot" in one day!

Tea from Hong Kong

Home made sushi
, this time with only avocado and just a little bit of wasabi paste :) Got to admit something, when it comes to the taste my sushi just keeps getting better and better :)

"It´s the possibilty of having..."

"The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man"

A walk in the park :)
This is also one of my favourite parts (I´ve got three) of Ljubljana , the Tivoli Park.
I especially love the part with the pond, the playgrounds, the beautiful paths and the wonderful café/flowershop :)
Whenever I feel I need to get away from the "concrete jungle" I take a walk through Tivoli Park
Today was a such day!


"At least I know what love is. Like clouds love the sky, ocean loves sand, winter loves snow, snow loves breeze, it's all connected. It's called unconditional love"

Had a great day today :) Wonderful weather eventhough it was bloody freezing. I can already smell the snow in the air. Not quite sure how I feel about that! Would be awesome with another month of autumn and beautiful, fresh and sunny days... but got to admit though, I´m really looking forward to Christmas.
I´m not in "my Christmas spirit" just yet, but I figure I´ll soon be :)

In the meantime I´ll be having some more days with views like these, remembering summer of 2011 and longing for the spring/summer 2012.
Who´s with me?? ;)


Old headers :) 
May 2011 - November 2011

"The invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true"

Hey! I´m still alive. You might have noticed my blog pause over the weekend? Had a wryneck (torticollis)for  the entire Friday, Saturday and half of the Sunday. Couldn´t move my neck, couldn´t even eat because it hurt so much every time I swallowed.
But it´s all good now :)

And my wryneck wasn´t the only reason why I had a blog pause, sometimes I need to get away from everything that has to do with cyberspace and take a step back and look at my life, collect all my thoughts, take a "mental break" and breathe. Answer the question "who am I?" and then "jump back" into my life.
Does it make any sense??

Anyhow, I spent Sunday lying on my bed with pillows and blankets surrounding me and watching Camelot (again, I know). I watched all the ten episodes… from 12.00 to 00.00… I think I´m permanently cross eyed after this.
Honestly I don´t know what that was all about? The truth is that I really like Camelot, but I´ve never done something like this before… and I don´t think I will any time soon either… hahah :)

This is the wonderful view you´ll be able to see if you take a walk in the afternoon/evening from Portoroz to Piran, Slovenia. That´s me in the photo, taken by my sister.
The photo is not photoshoped!

Questions and Answers pt.1

Ok, listen up you guys. I' ve recieved a couple of questions and I thought I would be a clever choice to post and answer them here on the blog.
So yeah, here we go, and if you have any questions, don' t hesitate to post them under "notes & comments" (under the posts on my blog) and I' ll try to answer them ASAP :) Deal?

Ok, let's do this :)

How come you write in English? Isn´t your native language Swedish??
Simple answer really. I want all of you guys to be able to understand, since I have plenty of relatives and friends that don´t understand Swedish. I did however write in Swedish for about a year and got complaints from non-Swedish speakers that they didn´t understand.
And we all know how Google translate works, don´t we???
My native (first) languages (if you can have more than one, I heard once that you can only have one!) is actually Slovene and Swedish.

I have just some simple questions and hopefully you can give me the answers ;)
Are you from Sweden? And why do you live in Slovenia and what are you doing there? :)
Ok, here' s the deal, to make a long story short, or to make a short story even shorter. I was born in Slovenia to a Slovene mother and a Slovene-Swedish father. I moved to Sweden when I was about two months old  and grew up in a little village near Gothenburg (that's where my dad was born and raised as well).
I moved to Slovenia when I was 19 years old to study languages. Nowadays I live in both Slovenia and Sweden. 

What kind of camera and equipment do you use? :) Nice photos, btw! :)
First of all, thank you :)
I use a Nikon D3000 + Nikkor 18 - 55 mm (standard lens) + Nikkor 55 - 200 mm lens + macro filter +4.
A good lens shade and a tripod is a must!

What' s your favourite food?
Oh gosh... anything that' s delicious really. I' ve got different "food periods". Some times the only thing I want to eat is a good fresh salad, other times I' m all about Asian food. Oh, and don' t even get me started on Italian food :)
But I guess that if I had to choose one single dish it would probably be my mothers or my grandmothers vegetable soup.

Twitter vs. Facebook
I' ve got both, but I use Twitter more since I... well I like it more. Tweeting is f-u-n, and at the same time I feel it's more personal and "mysterious" than Facebook. I don' t know why. I think facebook has become somewhat "psycho". Don' t get me wrong, fb is nice and all, but all of this facebook stalking going on that you hear about... a friend of mine once wrote that facebook is a page for your "enemies", so that they can keep track on your life, because the people in your life that really matter and love you don' t even visit your fb-profile, they don' t need to, they already know what' s going on in your life! I think she has a point there. And honestly! Do people actually care about what you write on your wall?? I think many scroll down the page and think to themselves: I.Don' t.Care.

I' ve noticed you listen to a lot of English bands and artists? What's you favourite music? Thanx for your answer!
Right now I' m really into british indie rock and soul and I think that's my type of music. I finally "found myself" when it comes to great tunes :) Nowadays I listen a lot to One Night Only, Adele, Pixie Lott and Diana Vickers.
I'm crazy about Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and the cover of this song by Jayme Dee, I love Kids by MGMT. I listen to The Archies, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Beatles... a lot of really classy, good and timeless music that inspires me!
Oh, and not to forget! Mai' s Space by Pop Levi!
I don' t know if I love it our hate it ;)
That´s a tune I simply can' t escape

Dogs or cats?
I´m all about the dogs!

Do you have a dream destination? And what is you favourite city?
I would really like to visit Japan.
My favourite city? That´s a though one. I´ve got three: New York, London and Barcelona. I love England, ever since I did my work experience in Norwich (Norfolk), England I´ve been wanting to live in the UK. It´s just something about the people and the atmosphere over there :) So yeah, Norwich (and England) definitely left a place in my heart!

What do your parents work with? Do you have any siblings?
My dad is a businessman / translator, and my mum has a law degree but now works as a medical nurse. Both of them are amazing at what they do :)
I´ve got a younger brother and a younger sister, and they both live and study in Ljubljana.

Something you can´t live without?? :)
My little notebook, where I have all my photos, music, movies and basically everything that´s important.
Can´t live without that babe! Oh, and chocolate of course ;)

Christmas wish list for this year? Anything in particular you wish for?
I really hope that someone in my family or one of my friends asked this question? Did you?? ;)
Hmmm... a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster would be great! :) No, no, no all I want is a white Christmas with my family, eating our tradtional Swedish "julbord", watching "Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul", sit by the fireplace while reading a good book and take Viggo out for a walk in the snow. That´s what Christmas is all about for me.
No stress, my family, good food and walks in the nature. And a lot of chocolate ;)

There you go, hope you´re all satisfied. As you can see, I give loooong answers ;)
And why I´m at it. Thank you all for your lovely comments I get both here on the blog, facebook, e-mails and sms-es. I might not always write back to you and say thank you, but you should all know that I´m so grateful for all your kind words :) So thank you to each and one of you, no one mentioned and no one forgotten :)

Have a nice day!

"Your smile keeps me warm when the cold wind blows"

Hi dudes! How are you all today?

I´ve just finished up some work, and now I need to get myself ready.
I´m meeting Jana this afternoon for a cup of coffee in the old part of Ljubljana (which really is my favourite part of the city).
Jana has been in Italy for the past year and I´m reeeeally looking forward to seeing her, all of her pics from Italy and hearing all about her time over there :)

I´ll also try to get my hands on a pair of really cool-looking boots with somewhat lower heels. Can´t run around in high-heels all the time, ballerina shoes and converse are not useful any longer (they´ll be back soon enough :)
So, it´s either low heels or a segway... 

I finally found Ray Ban Clubmasters... but the "upper frames" on those were in either blue or gray... and I don´t do blue and gray shades! So the search continues!
Oh and... ha! I also tried out the new John Lennon Ray Bans.
Oh my freakin´ God! Almost had a heart attack when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a total nutjob. Seriously, who looks good in those (besides George Craig and possibly John Lennon, no wait John Lennon never looked good in anything, sorry but that´s the truth)??

Honestly, I looked like a complete idiot. And I´m not sure but I think the sales dude (who "unlocked" all the shades I wanted to try on) had an evil smirk on his face when I tried them on... I bet hundred euros that he doesn´t look normal in them either! I presume even worse than me!
And then, hahahah, he said that... I. LOOKED. GOOD. IN. LENNON. SHADES!!!
Allow me to laugh
. Ha. Ha. Ha... nice try... dude!

"Most of the problems in life are; we act without thinking and we keep on thinking without acting"

About you now - George Craig

My favourite voice, everything George Craig (and his band One Night Only) does is awesome!
There´s just something about british people... :)

"Love all, trust a few"

Hi there :)
Ok, so the power point presentation about my sister and her many faces was a success. Can´t stop watching my own masterpiece. I think that if I was to post it on youtube that I probably would end up being a very rich woman... hahaha!

Today Petra and I went to City Park and we ate lunch at the Spar cafeteria. And just in case you were wondering what I ate today (I don't know if such people exist):
I had a salad made of jumbo-shrimps, baby corn, cocktail tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, mini-mozzarella, black olives and some sort of delicious white fish, a minibaguette and freshly squeezed orange juice. Yup, you guessed it, delicious!

And then we went shopping. I ended up buying... you won´t believe it... a lightbulb. That was it :)
Proud? A little bit, yeah!

We stopped for a smoothie on or way home. I believe my new favourite is strawberry, orange and lime :)
Almost choked on my smoothie as I looked at a guy at the bus stop, and realized it was Ben Barnes! A proper Ben Barnes look-alike! It was almost ridiculous how much he looked like him! 
I actually spend most of my smoothie drinking time sipping up the melting portions and wondering if it really was Ben Barnes I was staring at.
Petra, on the other hand, didn´t have a clue about what the hell I was talking about!
Maybe that smoothie of mine wasn´t a hit after all...

Anyhow, a nice day, with a lot of laughter and some catching up with a good friend :) 
Hope you all had a marvelous day as well??

"When we meet the whole world stops, the music is louder and the temperature drops"

Hey :) My God it´s cold here :) Funny thing though, for some scientific and therefore unknown reason, the temperature inside of our apartment is actually colder than it is outside...
What´s that all about?
I lit all the candles I could find in the apartment, not so much because I was actually expecting them to keep us warm but because it´s so cosy :) 

My sister and I had a laugh earlier. We found these hideous photos of her (her words, not mine ;) on my computer. So I promised to make a collage or a powerpoint and show her later on today. Don´t even know how to start (far too many pics) or even if I´ll be able to look at those photos, some of them are absolutely horrifying! ;)
You can all imagine how our family portraits look like... ;)

If someone by any chance wants to see my powerpoint/collage named "The many faces of Lex"... eh, let´s just say that that person will have to pay good money for it :) I think it just might be my masterpiece...
My sister is very beautiful, she really is
, but for some reason she does have a quite unique talent: making creepy facial expressions that leave you speechless and a little bit uneased!

This however is me, looking all normal (I usually do... or at least I try my best to maintain a somewhat normal appearance! :)

"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts"

Have I mentioned to you guys how much I love my mini clipz mp3-player??
This babe follows me everywhere!
I honestly don´t know how (or if) I would function without my favourite music? Would probably be all nervous and mental, talk to trees, buy a stuffed dog and take him out for a walk, or stand in the middle of the road during rush hour and try to direct traffic... stuff like that, you know!

Oh, and mum; I had lunch at Backwerk today. Delicious! TFTT (thanks for the tip ;)

First tune out today:
Turn it up - Pixie Lott

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities"

What a wonderful day! What a glorious day indeed!
Sunshine pouring in through the windows while eating breakfast and reading the latest issue of Harper´s Bazaar (sorry Vanity Fair!), a nice long hot shower afterwards...
I´ve actually got plenty of things to tell you lot, but that will have to be some other time, beacuse now I really need to "run" (catch a bus) to the centre of the city, which is pretty lame since I live in the centre of Ljubljana.
Ok then, I´ll walk!

The pics below... eh, my sister took the first one. Lex, focus is amazing, as always ;) And I was just about to explain something so normally I don´t pose like this, looks really ridiculous but still so funny, I look like a complete nutter!
Like I´m just about to burst into song and do some sort of weird "duck dance"... :D
Did you notice my hair being darker (almost black)?? Yeah, that was my hairdresser´s idea... let´s just say she´s never touching my hair again! I want my brown/light brown hair back!

"Capture the moment and hold it close"

Good afternoon to you all :)
How´s your weekend? Mine is pretty relaxing, I´ve been staring at my photos in Lightroom far to long now, so I might take a break and eat something instead. Sushi time :)
Also planning on watching Camelot again, so good!

Btw, the song that I had on repeat the entire forenoon was The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy. Can´t get enough of that tune, definitely on my top ten list :)
And my list contains some really heeeeefty vibes!

"Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments"

So Swedish lecture x 2 went well today :) Had a nice little stroll in the old part of Ljubljana as soon as I finished. Taking on the city so to speak...
Damn, I really need to get my hands on a segway :)
Not a pretty sight but then again, who cares!

Going to pop down to the store and grab something to eat... or maybe get some take away, really in the mood for indian. We have a bottle of champagne in our refrigerator that looks mighty fine... :)
Allow me to share the contets of our fridge with you: tomatoes, lettuce, tuna fish, youghurt, butter, seaweed for homemade sushi (honestly don´t know why I put it there!), ice coffee and a bottle of champagne.
Brilliant! :) Could easily make a gourmet dinner!

Some serious grocery shopping needs to be done tomorrow, I believe!
Better get going to the store now... oh no, that´s most definitely rain outside!
Oh well, gotta get my Friday on now!!! ;)

, the river and Tivoli Park.

"It is only true love if it hurts"

Tänkte vara med i Annas tävling som ni hittar här. Så nu är jag med och tävlar om priser från Fotofyndet - kameratillbehör för alla. TGIF idag så varför inte ;)
Fingers crossed everybody :)

You and me, that´s how it should be. You and Me! :D

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction"

Hello all you gentlemen and ladies, animals and babies :)
What have I been up to today? Nothing much really... eeeh, walking the streets of Ljubljana, a nice little walkabout (I´m joking!) my camera and I, listening to One Night Only´s Got It All Wrong (could be the best track by this awesome band, but then again, I love every single song they´ve done so far, so to choose one favourite among all of those is a true challenge!).

Anyhow, my camera and I, we stick together not matter what! I know this sounds ridiciulous, believe me but I really can´t live without my Nikon D3000.
I know you´re not supposed to love things, but is it possible to love "a thing" so much that you would do almost anything to protect it?? Because that´s how I feel about my camera. It´s a part of me and without it I feel really "naked".
It´s hard to explain, but I´m sure all of you guys who share my passion for photography know what I´m talking about :)

Early night for me today I think, since I have to get up at 6 a.m. tomorrow for a little bit of work.
The first Swedish lecture begins at 8 a.m.
Really looking forward to meeting the new group of eager Swedish learners ;)

Did all of you guys have a dandy day today? :D
And mum, the text turning from gray to black was all for you!
Give Viggo, dad and yourself a big hug from me, will you :)

“I see life though the eyes of joy, I love things to be happy and my images to be beautiful"

Hey, how are you all doing today? :)

I went on a hunt today. Went Ray Ban hunting that is!
The saleslady in one of the biggest sunshade stores in Ljubljana didn´t have a clue what I was talking about when I mentioned Clubmaster. According to her, there is only one model of Ray Ban... the classic one!
And then I tried to explain exactly how a pair of Clubmaster look like...I was about to draw her a picture for heavens sake!
Ooooooki doooki, won´t be visiting that shop again any time soon!

I also went to my hairdresser today and had some great scalp massage (is it really called that? Sounds so barbaric! ;) + a hair mask.
 Just what I needed, I almost fell asleep during the massage! Now my head is fit for fight until, let´s say Christmas :)

While at the hairdressers I came across a new magazine I never seen before. Almost had a "fit of joy" when I saw a six-page spread about Mario Testino :)
Wow, talking about making sure all your dreams come true! I´ve admired Testino for quite some time now, even though I´m not into fashion photography that much... yet (maybe never will be either) ;)
Still I love his work, his shots for Burberry campaigns are extraodinary, the look of fashion and the aesthetic is simply wonderful!

Enough of "Super Mario".
How´s your day been? :)

Riverwalk, Ljubljana

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”

Hi there ;)
It´s 1st of November (if you, by any chance, haven´t noticed it yet ;) Can´t belive time flies so fast!
New month, new opportunities, carpe diem!

Since it´s a "red day" (holiday) today here in Slovenia and everything is closed, I´m sitting in the flat and actually doing some things I should have done ages ago.

Just finished working on some of my photos that, if I´m lucky, I´m gonna need later this month/next month. Fingers crossed everybody!
I´ve also organized my little notebook (I had so many things on it that a total chrashdown was only a matter of time!).
And speaking of organizing things. Took an hour, straight after breakfast, to organize my wardrobe. "Out" with all the spring/summer clothes and "in" with all of my autumn outfits ;)

Now, after finishing this post, I´m going to grab something to eat and as soon as I´m finished with my meal I have som translation to do. Got a text I need to translate from Swedish to English, deadline is tomorrow!
Last year I translated plenty of texts (art history) from Slovene to English and there really were no problems... so Swedish to English should be a piece of cake ;) Or not, only time will tell.

One more thing :) My sister and I had som McDonald´s take away while watching Bad Teacher yesterday evening. The strange thing about this was that I really liked the movie, I basically laughed throughout the whole film :) Cameron Diaz was brilliant! And Justin Timberlake, he´s an amazing actor. He had a couple of great facial expressions in Bad Teacher that were absolutely priceless :) Go and see it, you won´t regret it!

Ok, you guys :) Have a nice day!

Bruno Mars - Marry You (remix)
Love this song, love this remix ;)

Old photos (the clothes you see stayed at home in Sweden), the flower was my grandfather´s favourite (he passed away six years ago). THE best grandfather ever!

I´m suppose to upload new, fresh photos every day. But I don´t got any today!

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