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"maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension"

Oh why, hello there :) Hope all you guys are having a smashing Saturday??

Today I visited the 27th Slovenian Book Fair, which kicked off earlier this week hosted in Ljubljana´s Cankarjev dom arts centre, with a gala opening ceremony, at which several awards for achievements in publishing, printing, translation, design and literary debut were presented.

As you know I love books and to read, so this was really a treat for me :) I was going for some books about photography, interior design and of course British classic novels (the few I haven´t yet got in my collection).

I also purchased my first Christmas gift at the book fair. Anyone curious?? ;)

My favourite necklace at the moment is this one. Photographed with Nikon D3000 and my new +4 filter.
I´m never satisfied with my photos, beacuse there´s always something that bothers me and I could improve.
I guess that´s a way to learn, to challenge oneself and trying to do one´s best + a little more everytime you´re about to shoot something with your camera, and to be of the opinion that tomorrow you´re going to take even better photos than you did today!

Got to say though, I really like this one, mostly because of the shadows :)

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