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Because my heart is racing, and I can´t make it stop, I´m just waiting for those words to drop

"our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time"

A quote from one of my favourite authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yes, I have all her books and yes, I´ve seen all the episodes of "The Little House on the Prairie", several times! I was absolutely addicted to these books and the tv- series when I was 10 - 12 years :)

Btw, let´s start a new week again. Mondays are "my" days :) It´s the only day in the week when I don´t make any plans, don´t do any work, don´t meet any friends etc. There are exceptions, of course!

Instead I do relaxing things, I try to have no must-do´s and simply go with the flow, this way I gather enough energy to manage the coming week and the obstacles ahead of me, I also make plans and to-do-lists, go grocery shopping, organize my things, clean the apartment and so on.
After I have everything in order, both around me and in my head, I can start to seize the days of the week :)

Don´t forget to make the best of the present moment! ;)

"Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves"

"maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension"

Oh why, hello there :) Hope all you guys are having a smashing Saturday??

Today I visited the 27th Slovenian Book Fair, which kicked off earlier this week hosted in Ljubljana´s Cankarjev dom arts centre, with a gala opening ceremony, at which several awards for achievements in publishing, printing, translation, design and literary debut were presented.

As you know I love books and to read, so this was really a treat for me :) I was going for some books about photography, interior design and of course British classic novels (the few I haven´t yet got in my collection).

I also purchased my first Christmas gift at the book fair. Anyone curious?? ;)

My favourite necklace at the moment is this one. Photographed with Nikon D3000 and my new +4 filter.
I´m never satisfied with my photos, beacuse there´s always something that bothers me and I could improve.
I guess that´s a way to learn, to challenge oneself and trying to do one´s best + a little more everytime you´re about to shoot something with your camera, and to be of the opinion that tomorrow you´re going to take even better photos than you did today!

Got to say though, I really like this one, mostly because of the shadows :)

"All of us question our place in the universe"

Oh gosh! Do you know how long it´s been since I last saw sunshine... or rain for that matter. It´s been more than three weeks! Yeah, I know; fantastic
This fog gets on my nerves like nothing else. And it´s safe to say that I have as much fog in my head than outside of it.
Days like these actually make me miss the long warm summer days, or sunny winter days full of snow.
I dug out this photo I took in Venice last year :) I love Venice!
I´ve been there a couple of times and there´s always something special about walking the streets of that city. I would never live in Venice, but I love to visit it at least once a year.

And speaking of amazing cities :) I watched Midnight in Paris earlier. That´s another movie I can watch over and over and over again. I love Woody Allen´s work.
I remember when we were on a flight in Paris on our way to Barcelona, and while we were taking off I looked out the window and saw the Eiffel Tower, all lit up and magnificent. Oj, and the lights all over Paris...
To see Paris at night from the sky was an unbelievable and beautiiful experience :)

And one more thing. I hate to be the one complaing but my wryneck is acting up again. No more words needed!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart"

Just finished watching Easy Virtue. That one is without a doubt my favourite movie. I´ve seen it...ehhmm... ok, I lost track after the first 100 views :) It´s an "oldie" (2008) but I think I´ll never get tired of it.
Because it´s absolutely BRILLIANT.

The story, the characters, the music, I love every second of it! :) Originally the movie Easy Virtue is based on a play set in the late 1920s with the same name by Noel Coward.
Easy Virtue
encompasses sharp wit, romance and drama, and is a thoroughly enjoyable British comedy.  
The plot: a young Englishman marries a glamorous American. When he brings her home to meet the parents, she arrives like a blast from the future - blowing their entrenched British stuffiness out the window.
The cast includes some big names like Ben Barnes (now you understand why I love the movie so much, huh?? ;), Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Thomas Scott, Kris Marshall, Christian Brassington, just to name a few.
So my advice to you lot is: watch it! :)

Also done some reading today. Everytime I buy magazines and newspapers I save all the interesting aricles and interviews for when I have nothing planned for a day or an evening. Today is one of those days :)  

And today´s tune:

Work - The Saturdays

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working”

Good morning to you all :)
Got fifteen minutes to kill before the first Swedish lecture begins and there´s no one here I can have a chat with. It´s empty, can´t believe the whole building is e-m-p-t-y! I know it´s Friday and all but... hello??
Anyhow, gives me a chance to post something on my blog and look through all of my email accounts (I´ve got way to many for my brain´s good!)

Listened to Girls Aloud the entire morning while getting ready :) As always Girls Aloud´s music takes me straight back to my time in Norwich. Walking down Halm Street, sitting in the taxi (you know the black ones they have in England, the ones which drive around in circles a couple of times before you get to your destination :) on my way home (the college campus) from a hard day´s work, a stroll to the castle on the hill or the ponds and the mills... it feels like yesterday... Norwich left such a big place in my heart <3
Choosing European Economics and doing my work experience in Norwich was one of my best decisions so far! And of course thank you, mum and dad for "pushing" me and convincing me that it would be a wonderful experience.
It certainly was! :) And one million times better than I ever thought I would be! <3

It´s a very busy day today for me, so I reckon this will be the only post :) It´s funny! When I´ve got things happening in my life I don´t have the time or the energy to write about them here on the blog. But when I have nothing interesting going on, well then I can go on about that for hours.
So... when I´m old (older) I´ll look back and read my blog (because this is kind of a diary (without all the juicy details of course!)) and realize that my life is/was so damn boring, hehe!

But at least I´ll have nice photos to look at, and you all know what they say:
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Like these pictures for example :)

Here´s a sneak peek of my autumn wardrobe.

"Most of the problems in life are; we act without thinking and we keep on thinking without acting"

About you now - George Craig

My favourite voice, everything George Craig (and his band One Night Only) does is awesome!
There´s just something about british people... :)

"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts"

Have I mentioned to you guys how much I love my mini clipz mp3-player??
This babe follows me everywhere!
I honestly don´t know how (or if) I would function without my favourite music? Would probably be all nervous and mental, talk to trees, buy a stuffed dog and take him out for a walk, or stand in the middle of the road during rush hour and try to direct traffic... stuff like that, you know!

Oh, and mum; I had lunch at Backwerk today. Delicious! TFTT (thanks for the tip ;)

First tune out today:
Turn it up - Pixie Lott

“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart”

Hi again!

Left wonderful Germany and just entered Austria. You guys should see the mountains. Incredible! Anyone up for a little skiing? :)
It's pretty dark outside so I can't really take any good photos. I did try though, so that I can share a bit of the snaps I took to give you more of an insight of what beautiful sights I see right now, and of course make you all a bit jelaous ;)

But while waiting for those photos, here something else :) A super hefty tune and my favourite collage this autumn :)
This is what autumn is all about: hot choco, tea or cappuccino, wonderful and sunny days, beautiful and colorful leaves, an awesome pair of sun shades, cozy knitted sweaters and to cuddle up in bed with a good book :)
Autumn is without a doubt my very favourite season :)

Grüss Gott
to all of you!

Mama Do - Pixie Lott

"Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence"

Hi all you babes and lads :)
Guess what I got today?? My drawing by this amazing artist, Lowa.
If you remember, my blog was chosen as one of two winners in her competition a couple of weeks ago :)

Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine that the drawing would turn out to be so freakin' cool, beautiful and awesome!
Honestly Lowa, you rock! :)
It really did take my breath away when I opened the package. I absolutely love it!  And now my mum wants the drawing!
Well, she ain't gonna get it!
I did however promise she could have it until Christmas :)

Thank you once again, Lowa (www.lowawallman.se) :)


"Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out"

Hey guys!
Smashing Sunday so far :) Got stuck in the kitchen, I'm very much into cooking and baking and have been since I can remember. And cooking something that others find delicious is like being awarded a golden medal at the Olympic Games :)
I love finding new recipes, go grocery shopping, put everthing on the kitchen counter top and start cooking.
Another thing that I love is not knowing what I'll end up cooking, open the refrigerator and the cupboard and take out the things I think will mix well together, and make my own recipe along the way :)

And since I had the noon off today I decided to do one of my absolute favourite dishes. So simply and fast, and so yummy!
All you need is: noodles with beef taste, shrimps, mushrooms, tomatoes and black olives.
Boil the noodles and fry the vegetables and the shrimps in a frying pan. When the noodles and the vegetables are done, mix them all together in the frying pan.
Don't forget pepper and a lot of lemon pepper :) And you're all done :)

While slaving away in the kitchen I listened to some really amazing tunes. I love Diana Vicker's voice. Some pretty fantastic vibes over there :) I especially love the first song, Four Leaf Clover.
I don't know why, but this song sends my thoughts right back to Norwich in England! :)

Now I've got some reading, piano playing and mail sending to do, and then off to work, 16.30 - 21.30.
Have a great Sunday everyone :)

Four Leaf Clover (acoustic) - Diana Vickers

You'll Never Get To Heaven - Diana Vickers

Cold Kiss - Diana Vickers

“Yesterday is today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream.”

You know, I was talking about Moa winning this year's Swedish Idol. Well, as it turned out I kind of changed my mind a little bit.
Moa is still making it to finals, but I think Amanda Fondell will beat her!

Just listen to this amazing voice. She's got star quality, that's for sure!

Amanda Fondell - Made Of

My favourite things (at the moment):

- Venice. I've been to this city a "gazillion" times and I'm sure that I've seen almost all, I know it like the back of my hand by now :) Whenever I need to buy presents I go to one of the many markets where they sell glass, and buy these amazing bracelets, necklaces, drinking glasses etc, all made of venetian glas.

- My ZEN-player and my mobile. Can't live without these babes!

- Ray Bans. I really didn't like Ray Ban sunshades before. It was the kind of stuff that Beatles, Pink Panther-people and Dustin Hoffmann-kind-of-guys wore. Now I'm "straight down" addicted to this brand. And now I finally get it, I get why Ray Ban is by far the best-selling eyewear brand in the world.
Ray Bans are the type of shades c-o-o-l people wear.

- Salads. Well, I'm a woman, aren't?? ;) Sometimes the best approach is the simplest one, my favourite is a mix of chicken, fresh champignons, cocktail-tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, corn...

- My notebook! A place where I gather all the things I love, everything from my favourite photos and movies to favourite music and quotes.
Can't go anywhere without that darling!

- Portoroz, a city by the sea in Slovenia where my mother grew up and my grandparents still live. I visit them as soon as I get a couple of days off. Loving the sea, the wonderful breeze, the peace, the sound of steady, rhytmic ocean waves, providing a sensation of relaxation and calm :) Oh. My. God. Really.

And finally, the thing I love the most right now: this new thing, this incredible and amazing touch of vintage in photos :)

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.”

Right now, while I'm cuddled up on the sofa in the living room, reading Queen Mum, my dog is sitting by a window in my room and by the looks (or sound) of it there must be some serious dog-walking going on past that window... being a dog must be so difficult! ;)

Wrote a couple of e-mails to both of my bosses earlier today, one here in Sweden and the other one in Slovenia, basically all I want is my work references and letters of recommendation... which I think will be pretty good ;)
As I mentioned yesterday, I can't wait to get back to Ljubljana :) The first thing I'm going to do is to take the bus to CityPark, shop my brains out (ok, I will try to control myself), then take the bus back to the centre of the city and eat a delicious meal at Da Bu Da and afterwards just take a stroll through the old part of the town :)

Anyone of you guys in Ljubljana care to join me?? :) Any good suggestions?
I'm, however, NOT going to Thai Inn! Been there far to many times for my own good, hehe :)
During a couple of weeks in May I was eating there every day, with diffrent people of course. I don't know who else would be "stupid" enough to eat the same food day after day after day??
The thing is... the restaurant is located so near the university... so craving thai food has nothing to do with it.
Indolence, however, has everything to do with it!

But right now, I better come out of these daydreams and do some serious work instead :)
I do have a great deal of reading to do.

on my ZEN and all laptops today :) Sorry ONO! ;)

Can't Make This Over - Pixie Lott
Her new hit What Do You Take Me For is pretty cool too :)

The Boy Who Murdered Love - Diana Vickers

Someone Like You - Adele

“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”

Excellent Sunday :)
I've been thinking about Ljubljana the whole day now. I reckon it's high time I get over there again, so many fun things to look forward to this autumn, but I don't want to give it all away just yet ;)

And all of my friends!!! Can't wait to see them again. Going to basketball games, having an after work (or after study ;) drink at my absolute favourite bar Solist, eating at Da Bu Da, pancakes at Romeo, or tea at Chai House (a lot of really talented designers and artists having tea at that place, and you actually get to seem them "in the wild", some pretty cool dudes and dudettes :).... play tennis, maybe go for a round of golf or minigolf (if you play with the right people it's far from boring...it's real fun...you also get told off beacuse you're disturbing the peace (not me though) but that's another story, a long one :)
And of course; listening to statements like "I've got the goods... and you want them"... Oh. My. God! Not looking forward to that!
And: "Me and Coca Cola have a lot in common really, a lot!... like... ehh... I drink Coca Cola..." Oh, I really miss these fab people with their even more fab (intelligent?) statements and their views on life in general! :D
Don't you worry guys, I want to be exactly like you, hehe ;)

Being here in Sweden this summer has really been peaceful and relaxing, but I need the big city life now.
I could however, do without all the stress in the city surrounded by the speed.... like when you just thanked the cash machine for giving you money... when that happens you're most definitely losing it, and it's about time for a vacation.
And yes, I've done that, but in my defense it talked in a robotic voice and said, "thank you and have a nice day". And I didn't want to be rude!!
Speaking of vacations. I might go on vacation to London later this year If everything goes according to plan. My cousin just got a job there. Lucky bastard ;)
Haven't been to that amazing city for ages!

Oh yeah, I need to mention one more thing :) I watched Midnight in Paris yesterday. Guess what? I'm just about to see it again, beacuse that movie is just so freakin' awesome :)

Have a nice weekend everyone :)
And if there's anything you want to ask me, tell me, or give me tips (about music, movies, stores, new stuff etc), don't hesitate to do so by clicking on "Lovely words" and post a comment there :)

"The most beautiful thing in the world is, precisely, the conjunction of learning and inspiration, the passion for research and the joy of discovery."

Äntligen en ledig dag :)
Tänkte börja med att berätta lite om vad jag tyckte om Water for Elephants som jag såg i fredags :) Oj oj oj, vad superbra den var! Riktigt välgjord med en intressant historia,  vackra scener, helt underbart skådespeleri och roliga, djupa och väl genomtänkta repliker. Helt klart en av mina favoritfilmer. Har den på datorn nu och den kommer att ses om ofta! Älskar filmer som The Notebook, Titanic etc, där huvudrollsinnehavarna ser tillbaka på sitt liv och återberättar det. Water for Elephants ligger härmed i samma kategori :)
10 stjärnor av 10 möjliga :D

Och så måste jag bara nämna en sak till :) Vi började att titta på den nya amerikanska serien Revenge! Kommer helt klart bli en av mina favoriter den här hösten. Emily vanCamp har huvudrollen, och hon har även varit med i både Everwood och Brothers & Sisters som båda varit några av mina favoritserier hittills. Revenge utspelar sig i Hamptons (stoooort plus där) och berättar om en ung kvinnas kamp att förstöra en enormt rik och maktfull familj och deras vänner, kort och gott alla som varit involverade i att förstöra livet för hennes pappa! Därav namnet på serien. Riktigt, riktigt bra!
Och för att inte tala om modet och inredningen i serien. Efter att ha sett första avsnittet har jag redan samlat på mig så mycket inspiration. Som t.ex. en enorm rund och platt glasskål fylld med alla sorters snäckor ståendes på ett litet bord och ovan på väggen på vardera sida om glasskålen två stora svartvita fotografier med en snäcka på varje :)
När jag kommer tillbaka till Slovenien och åker ner till morföräldrarna vid kusten ska jag bege mig till Fiesa och leta efter snäckor bland alla stenar, så att jag kan utöka min snäcksamling :)
Ah, jag älskar sådana serier, fulla av vackra saker, ljust, fräscht, serier jag kan inspireras av, de får mig att må bra helt enkelt! :)


Vidare till lite andra saker. Har precis tagit itu med min garderob, ska slänga en hel del och ge bort till välgörenhet. Känner mig alltid extremt "lätt" när jag slänger ett berg av grejer jag verkligen inte behöver. Redo för en ny start helt enkelt.

Har i alla fall lagt undan sommarkläderna (på fotografiet nedan) som är ljusa och söta och lagt fram höstkläderna som är mörka och coola. Älskar att man ska vara cool, "mörk" och elegant på hösten och ljus, söt och romantisk på våren och sommaren :D
Ska åka iväg och shoppa i nästa vecka och börja fylla på höstgarderoben så smått. Det har verkligen gått evigheter sedan jag sist satte en fot innanför en klädbutik. Ganska konstig känsla faktiskt eftersom jag i vanliga fall besöker minst en butik om dagen när jag är i Ljubljana. Jag bor ju mitt i centrum och har nära till allt möjligt, så det är inte så sällan man känner sig sugen på shopping eller bara tittar in i någon butik på hemvägen.
Här i Sverige, på vår ort finns det inte så många butiker att välja emellan, eftersom det är ett mindre samhälle med mycket skog, sjöar och bondgårdar runt omkring. Vi får helt enkelt åka in till de större städerna som är närmast, såsom Borås och Göteborg, alt. Jönköping.
Och det är just Jönköping vi ska till i nästa vecka. Har inte varit i den staden på evigheter!
Här ska det shoppas kan jag lova ;)


Men just nu, en solig söndagseftermiddag som denna ska jag ta med mig min kamera och stativ och fotografera löv :) När jag kommer hem har jag en miljon smågrejer att göra! Muy, muy importante.

Söndagsmusik :) En liten del av min spellista. Notera att alla är från England ;) Hur blev det så? Ja, just det, England har ju de bästa artisterna och de bästa indie-rock-banden! ;)

Say You Don't Want It - One Night Only

My Wicked Heart - Diana Vickers

Mama Do - Pixie Lott

Missing You - The Saturdays

Set Fire to the Rain - Adele


Turn It Up - Pixie Lott

Har haft en riktig trevlig start på den här fredagen. Har avnjutit en god frukost med chili-choklad-kaffe-med-grädde-och-lavendel, lite läsning på det.
Nu ska ja ut en sväng runt Kroksjön med Viggo. Idag blåser det som om det inte fanns någon morgondag. Solen skiner med lite skyfall då och då.
Får nog ta med mig ett paraply också... fast... ehhh...I will see you in Ljubljana... as I take off... probably like Mary Poppins steering over the treetops...wooo hooo...I can see the pyramids... ok, THIS is definitely not Ljubljana...
Ok-ey, I wish myself all the very best with that...

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