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“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working”

Good morning to you all :)
Got fifteen minutes to kill before the first Swedish lecture begins and there´s no one here I can have a chat with. It´s empty, can´t believe the whole building is e-m-p-t-y! I know it´s Friday and all but... hello??
Anyhow, gives me a chance to post something on my blog and look through all of my email accounts (I´ve got way to many for my brain´s good!)

Listened to Girls Aloud the entire morning while getting ready :) As always Girls Aloud´s music takes me straight back to my time in Norwich. Walking down Halm Street, sitting in the taxi (you know the black ones they have in England, the ones which drive around in circles a couple of times before you get to your destination :) on my way home (the college campus) from a hard day´s work, a stroll to the castle on the hill or the ponds and the mills... it feels like yesterday... Norwich left such a big place in my heart <3
Choosing European Economics and doing my work experience in Norwich was one of my best decisions so far! And of course thank you, mum and dad for "pushing" me and convincing me that it would be a wonderful experience.
It certainly was! :) And one million times better than I ever thought I would be! <3

It´s a very busy day today for me, so I reckon this will be the only post :) It´s funny! When I´ve got things happening in my life I don´t have the time or the energy to write about them here on the blog. But when I have nothing interesting going on, well then I can go on about that for hours.
So... when I´m old (older) I´ll look back and read my blog (because this is kind of a diary (without all the juicy details of course!)) and realize that my life is/was so damn boring, hehe!

But at least I´ll have nice photos to look at, and you all know what they say:
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Like these pictures for example :)

Here´s a sneak peek of my autumn wardrobe.

Lovely words

Some lovely words:

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