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“the time to relax is when you don't have time for it”

Swedish, tea at Chai with Petra and Tina E,  then lunch at Joe Pena (my favourite Mexican restaurant in the city). A quick stop at the aparment, and then Christmas shopping in the centre :) 

As you probably know my mission was to get some nice Christmas decoration. I decided this year´s colours should be white, red and gold. Got some cute candles, red ribbons, a glass plate, a gorgeous ceramic Santa Claus, Rafaello chocolate (beacuse it´s white and red ;), and lots of tea and cookies.

I love a nice anti-stressing stroll in the department store, especially in the section where they have interior design and decorations :)
That´s exactly where you could find me today. Just walking around and admiring all the beautiful things on the shelves... and buying some of them ;)

I´m going to take some photos of our "christmassy" apartment so I can show you guys how this year´s decorations turned out, but you´ll have to wait a litte while for that.
I hope you´re happy to go with the flow on this one :)

In the meantime I´ve got a couple of photos I snapped today on our way to Chai, for you to look at. 
Got to say, Ljubljana is pretty awesome :) 


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