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"This is where my heart takes over"

Sorry ONO-lads, but it is Friday (don´t mind the time&date above, it´s playing tricks with me!) today and that means girl power and that means The Saturdays.  Just heard the band´s latest tune My Heart Takes Over, the remix version. Sooo freakin´ good! And I absolutely love the video :)
You don´t need to ask me what I´ll be listening to the entire weekend :)

Oh, I live for music! Life is music and music is life! When I hear an awesome tune (like this) I feel that everything is possible, that I can do and achieve anything I want, that nothing can bring me down, it pumps energy to all parts of my body, I don't even know what it means to be sad and blue ...

Amazingness from beginning to end!

Lovely words

Some lovely words:

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