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We all know how it is to watch from the outside as someone else walks away with the person we want

You know that I´ve been talking about my favourite spots here in Ljubljana? And as you might know, there´s a small river, named Ljubljanica running through the center of the city. The river walk is without any doubt top five on my list of favourite places. It´s a perfect "thinking-meditation-place".
I love to take a walk around in the small historic city center, and now Ljubljana has created a wonderful space along the river that runs through the center of town.
Ljubljana is also a setting of bars and clubs, riverside restaurants and cafes so one may be pleased to discover that there is always something to do after a whole day of work or/and when you´ve been studying all day.

And since it is Christmas now I might add that Ljubljana
Christmas markets are located along the Ljubljanica River. Walking through the markets makes it a complete Christmas experience, especially with the refreshing scents of mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and Christmas pastries that is truly a feast for the senses ;)

The first photo doesn´t do the river walk any justice, but I hope you get the picture? ;)
Better photos coming soon!

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