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Hey, guys!
These past couple days have been filled with some pretty intense situations, but in a good way, preparing for Sankta Lucia, spending time with friends, working etc.
These past few days I´ve met some really cool people, a couple of Swedes (one of them being the Counsellor of the Embassy of Sweden in Vienna) yesterday at the Sankta Lucia evening, which btw went very well :)
I didn´t trip (I just attacked the floor with my mad ninja skills...joking ;), or set anyone on fire ;)

The choir was amazing, as well as the guitarist (Matic) and his performance and version of Hallelujah was AMAZING! The solo singer (Danni) was incredible and the violinist´s (Vida) solo piece was breathtaking :) And my two "tärnor", Tina and Alexandra were so gorgeous.
So thank you, to every single one of you for contributing to an awesome evening :)
I´m waiting for the photos taken on this evening, there were a couple of professional photographers present so my fingers are crossed that I´ll get a least one or two photos to sum up the whole evening.
Fair play to all of us :)

So... what´s happening next you may wonder. Well, I have exactly one week left in Ljubljana before I jet off to Sweden ;) Let´s go and see how mummy and daddy are doing, shall we? ;)
Oh, and the coolest dude in the world... can´t wait to see that piece of candy!
I´m talking about my dog... if anyone didn´t get that ;) At the moment he´s the "man in my life" ;) 

I´ve got today off. Going to spend it cleaning out my closet/reorganizing it. There are more clothes outside it than inside, and we really can´t have it like that. Ain´t gonna be a walk in the park, that´s for sure!
This might sound a little bit weird, bu I actually have a "hard time breathing" if things are unorganized.
If it´s all messy, then it´s game over for me!
Got my favourite Mando Diao and One Night Only tracks prepared (only live performances this time), so this should be...eh, almost fun ;)

Oh, and... I asked my ZEN-player to list twenty tunes that were most played in December. According to my ZEN I´m a total nutcase :) No argument there! I post the list later!

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