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I´m gonna sing it all night long

On my way to the university. Swedish lectures from 13.50 to 18.45 today. Got some pretty cool and christmassy assignments prepared :) Or let´s just sing a bunch of Christmas carols all day long ;)
Love Michael Bublé´s Christmas album!

Crap, the weather sucks here. One day it´s all sunny and warm and the next day the rain is pouring down on us.
And I was so looking forward to go ice skating this week (the fact that I was raised in Sweden has definitely left its mark, I´ve been ice skating since before I can remember, and I still have all my skates somewhere at my parents´ place in Sweden, "Viktoria" written on them ;)

Ok, have a nice day, and to cheer you all up I´ve got this amazing performance from Coke Sound Up in Hamburg this summer. These guys really know how to make good live music!
Haha, I looooove the 0:20 part! :)

Dance With Somebody (live) - Mando Diao


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