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It´s not what you do, it´s how you do it. It´s not what you see, it´s how you look at it. It´s not how your life is, it´s how you live it.

Incoming! Got some new stuff earlier this week. I love the black and white blouse and actually wore it at the Lucia-after-party :) Great fabric, feels almost like you´re wearing nothing at all, and at the same time like you´re being stroked by thousands of soft, silky feathers. I wear the blouse together with a black corset top.
The cardigan is a simple white one, very cosy and I bought a brown leather belt to wear together with it.
The boots are so far the best I've owned. It feels like you´re walking on clouds :)  

To sum up. I´ve got some new "pearls" in my closet :)
And just to make it clear to everyone. I´m not a materialist, maybe I was a couple of years ago, my first year in Ljubljana. I wanted to have everything, I could pop in to a shop on my way home from the university just to buy a bag, a bag I didn´t even plan on buying!! Well what can I say, I was "young and stupid" :)

But I've noticed over the last year that material things are becoming less and less important to me as individual objects. And I also realize how easy it is for us to get caught up in the materialistic rat race our society promotes.
Things that used to be important to me no longer are. And the things I didn´t consider as important, or didn´t even notice at the time, are very important to me now.
Nowadays I much rather "collect" wonderful memories and great experiences!

I do however love beautiful items, and being surrounded by those ;) I think we all do, in one way or another.
So yes, I´ll continue to buy things that I love and find necessity of having, but at the same time I´ll be aware that there are things in this world that are far more important than what you have standing or lying at home!
A character standard is more important than even a gold standard! And remember that the higher up you go, the more gentle you have to reach down to help other people.

You just have to find that balance, simple as that!
And I think I finally have! :)

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