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"when the sun shines, we shine together"

First of December! Can´t belive that it´s already the last month of the year... and that we are so near a new year, again!
I already have about a dozen New Year´s resolutions. And this time I´m going to do my utmost to keep every single one of them. I just need to find something that´ll keep me motivated... Better visit The "GoalsGuy" for a collection of helpful tips, strategies, inspiration, encouragement, motivation and information!
"Enjoying life more" has become a popular resolution in recent years.

The Christmas lights over Ljubljana are supposed to be lit today, sometime mid-late afternoon. I´m thinking about going for a leisurely walk with my camera. Was pretty fun last year :)

But right now I´ve got some packing to do :)  I need a mini-vacation after one "stressful" month in Ljubljana ;)
No, you´re quite right, I don´t need it... but I´m still going ;)
And I haven´t seen my maternal grandparents for ages (five months!), so it´s about time I paid them a visit.

Have a great evening, and an awesome weekend :) I'll talk to you guys later!

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