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"All of us question our place in the universe"

Oh gosh! Do you know how long it´s been since I last saw sunshine... or rain for that matter. It´s been more than three weeks! Yeah, I know; fantastic
This fog gets on my nerves like nothing else. And it´s safe to say that I have as much fog in my head than outside of it.
Days like these actually make me miss the long warm summer days, or sunny winter days full of snow.
I dug out this photo I took in Venice last year :) I love Venice!
I´ve been there a couple of times and there´s always something special about walking the streets of that city. I would never live in Venice, but I love to visit it at least once a year.

And speaking of amazing cities :) I watched Midnight in Paris earlier. That´s another movie I can watch over and over and over again. I love Woody Allen´s work.
I remember when we were on a flight in Paris on our way to Barcelona, and while we were taking off I looked out the window and saw the Eiffel Tower, all lit up and magnificent. Oj, and the lights all over Paris...
To see Paris at night from the sky was an unbelievable and beautiiful experience :)

And one more thing. I hate to be the one complaing but my wryneck is acting up again. No more words needed!

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Så himla go du är. Tack!

2011-11-23 @ 20:22:10
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Some lovely words:

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