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"stop being so hard on yourself, you know it´s not good for your health"

Friday again :)
Been listening to this awesome tune, Love Love the enitre morning while getting ready. It´s "old" I know, but ever since I heard it in X-Men: First class, I´ve been crazy about it. Who doesn´t love Take That? ;)
And Rule the World from the movie Stardust (ok, this could be a coincidence... but Ben Barnes is in that as well). I was addicted to that song for so long :D I used to listen to it all the time. My neighbours enjoyed it so much they even called the cops to listen to it! I`M JOKING! :D I still think it´s one of the best tunes ever made. And Patience, Shine, Back For Good, The Flood etc, some pretty hefty vibes.

Plans for today:
1) Swedish lecture (only one today), 2) brunch somewhere in the centre of the city with a good buddy of mine, 3) meet my sister and do some Christmas/Advent-shopping, 4) decorate our apartment for Christmas and 5) make a delicious dinner and enjoy a relaxing movie night (I´m really in the mood for Easy Virtue again... ;)
So yeah, I belive it´s going to be a pretty good day today :)

Haven´t made any plans for the weekend
yet. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Last Saturday my sister and I went to CityPark (the gigantic shopping mall). We started with some various stores shopping, continued with lunch  (basically just a whole lot of shrimps, lobster, other seafood and vegetables really... and a piece of a heavenly chocolate cake), did some more shopping and finished our shopping spree with smoothies (had one with nutella, mmmm... definitely "acceptable" ;).
When we got home we made dinner; turkey and baby corn in cream sauce and bread. We concluded the day with snacks and the movie Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes and Colin Firth ;)
What?? It´s only Saturday once a week folks!

The old part of Ljubljana, and the city castle.

Lovely words
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VANN DU LÖSHÅRET FRÅN FAIR WITH HAIR? Klicka på länken och se :) Om du är vinnaren och inte hört av dig inom en vecka dras det en ny vinnare. Tack för att du deltog! <3


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