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"The past doesn´t matter, define yourself in the present, and you might rule in the future"

Oh my, what a day!
After a quick sushi-lunch I headed straight to the university, swedish lectures from 13.50 to 18.45.

Tomorrow I need to "place myself" at the university between 8.00 and 11.20, and afterwards "run" across the city to the "TV bulding" where I have a little assignment at 15.00 :) Anyone curious?? Yeah, so am I!
Between the lectures and the TV-assignment I´m meeting a friend who just recently got back from Sweden. 
Haven´t seen that babe for ages!

And while I´m in the old part of Ljubljana, I´ll also try to find some proper Chinese tea. Bet the teahouse "Chai" has what I´m looking for, they always do!
The first photo below is tea from Hong Kong, which I got from my dear co-worker in Sweden, when she was home in HK. Thank you so much, Ching! :)
You´ve taken my tea-drinking to a whole new level!

And from tea and Hong Kong to another thing. The preparations for St. Lucia in Ljubljana have begun and by the looks of it I´m going to be St. Lucia this year again, that´s five years in a row!
I reckon it´s the last year though, next year I´ll be handing over my golden crown with white candles to another fortunate soul ;)

Gosh, I´m really happy we in Sweden have such a great tradition like St. Lucia. For me the whole thing is magical, it´s such a big part of my childhood, so I WILL definitely be celebrating this where ever I am in the world!
Even if I end up in Japan, where they freak out if they see someone with candles on his/her head (that would be St. Lucia, don´t know if anyone else does the same thing) ;)

Oh, man! I´m so exhausted, I don´t even know what I´m writing! Tomorrow I´ll be reading this text on my blog and think: "who IS this nutcase writing all this shit??" 
Oh well, before I hit the bed I´ll watch one or two episodes of "The Borgias". Still can´t belive I watched the whole first season of "Camelot" in one day!

Tea from Hong Kong

Home made sushi
, this time with only avocado and just a little bit of wasabi paste :) Got to admit something, when it comes to the taste my sushi just keeps getting better and better :)

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