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Sushi for lunch today. It´s true what they say. It takes some time getting used to the taste but once you´ve get to that point, sushi just keeps getting better and better.
I also find it very easy to make them, and I do a roll in no time at all. Practice makes perfect :)

Been sitting almost the whole day, planning for our Sankta Lucia celebration on the 13th of December here in Ljubljana. Once all "the pieces of the puzzle are in their places" I´m certain it´ll be an awesome evening.
I get all the outfits and the crown on Friday and will then "dress" my "tärnor" (the girls who follow Santa Lucia) so I can see what exactly we can add.

I also need to visit the church choir rehearsal to hear how they sound. The members of the choir don´t all speak Swedish, so it´s tougher for them, and I assume they could need some help with the pronunciation.
Furthermore I must really make an appointment with the guitarist and the lead singer to see what Christmas songs they´ll perform, and more importantly how it sounds!
And "hunt down" the violinist, to whom I promised last year could be part of our celebration this year.
Regarding the invitations, fingerfood and the drinks... eh, we´ll come to that soon enough :)

As you can see, many things to think about but I´m not worried at all, because I know every single one of us (would be funny if I in the end screwed up the whole thing) is going to do her/his best, and that it, because of this fact, is going to be an amazing and unforgettable evening.
And I´m really making sure that this year is going be the best so far :)

I love to organize
things, to start from scratch with a dream in my head and see it slowly become reality.
I would love to be a party planner :)

Isn´t this looking nice? Yes, it is ;)

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