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Just on my way to the university now for a couple of Swedish lectures. And yes it´s foggy outside. Would be the suprise of the year if it wasn´t!
I´m super exicted for tomorrow :) I´m going to do little bit of Christmas shopping :D I know it´s early yet, but I really need to get into my Christmas spirit now!

Got a couple of photos from London and it´s all christmassy over there :) Bless these Brits
Can´t wait for the mayor of Ljubljana to turn on the Christmas lights in our city, which if I´m not mistaken, normally happens on the 1st of December.
December is the time of the year when Ljubljana turns from an ordinary European capital to a cosy town taken straigt out of a fairy tale :)

A couple of years ago I photographed Ljubljana, all lit up during first Sunday of Advent, and one of those photos was published in a newspaper in Sweden, the other ones were published online.
Yes, I felt proud to have been born in such a beautiful city :)

It´s difficult to take any interesting photos now beacause everything is so "gray". But as soon as "November turns into December" I´ll have my camera glued to me. 
I actually think it fits me perfectly because it will be totally acceptable to have my camera glued to my hand at all times taking a gazillion pictures during Christmas.
And that´s a promise that I intend to keep!
I´ll give all the Japanese tourists with their cameras, photographing every stone and bird they see a run for their money! :)

Hope all you guys have a jolly good day ahead of you? :)

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